Lukaku: Leave or Remain?

Leave or remain? It is a question that is currently at the heart of British politics as the country will decide on Thursday about whether or not the stay in the European Union. A leave or remain debate I find more interesting however is the one on the future of Romelu Lukaku. We all know that he’s been speaking too much and has now disrespected the club on a number of occasions, but he is of course an immense talent and capable of being one of the best strikers in Europe.

The case for leave:

There is a right and a wrong way to do many things, including how you should leave a club. It’s fair to say that Lukaku has been doing all the wrong things over the last few months and has consistently used the media to express his desire to leave Everton for one of Europe’s “beautiful” clubs, as he put it. You don’t need the media to make clubs aware of your intentions; his agent Mino Raiola is capable enough of finding out the interest of other clubs without his client showing a lack of respect.

There is also the case of Lukaku’s current ability, he of course has a lot of potential, but he is by no means the finished article as shown in the last few months of the season, and especially his performance vs Man Utd at Wembley. We could replace Lukaku with a player who is currently as good, but won’t have the same potential. The money that we’d receive from his sale would be able to be reinvested into the squad and we might be stronger for it. The comments show that Lukaku isn’t yet a perfect professional, and that kind of attitude may not be great for team spirit

The case for remain:

Lukaku is already a 28 million pound player, and the huge record sum paid for him has already been justified. How much we could sell him for has yet to reach its upper limit. The current consensus is that a fee should be around the 60 million mark, but with an ever inflated market and the possibility of him being one of the best, this could rise by 20, even 30 million. Paul Pogba (another one of Raiola’s clients) is another raw player, not yet polished, but Juventus are apparently asking for 150 million euros. For this reason alone, it’d be tempting to keep him.

For Everton though, we finished 11th. We may have investment now, but until we have a solid league finish and European football, it may be hard to attract a striker close to being as good as Lukaku. His agent has eased off slightly in his rhetoric and said that “things have changed” at Everton, they certainly have. If Lukaku can be convinced that his heart and head should be at Goodison, in a few years’ time Everton could be in a great place, challenging for league titles. He has improved a lot this year and will do the next, I’d hate for Everton to be looking at the finished product in five years at another club and thinking “What if?”, we’ve had enough of that thinking with Wayne Rooney.

My vote:

We may be annoyed now, but Lukaku is only a Gwladys Street winner away from the fans forgetting what he said in the past and looking forward to a future with him. We could be at the beginnings of having a special team at Goodison Park, and Lukaku will be a special striker. We have a very talented group and a strong manager may get the best out of Lukaku and fully motivate him to play at his best week in, week out. It is for these reasons; I would be voting ‘Remain’ in a ‘Should Lukaku leave Everton’ referendum.

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