Time To Protest


As a proud Evertonian I feel Saturday is a rare chance for my voice to be heard and hopefully enact a genuine change in the club. I will be joining and protest and will be proud to do so.

That’s not saying anyone who doesn’t isn’t a proud Evertonian. What you do on Saturday is your perogative, and it doesn’t make any match day going Evertonian more or less of a blue whether they decide to join in or not.

The outline protest by “Everton Aren’t We” is a call for banners, chants and a sit in (stand up) protest after the match. It’s the least we can do to try and wake Kenwright and Moshiri up to the fact that the current managerial situation is untenable and that it won’t magically resolve itself over the summer.

Saturday is a chance to be a part of something and a part of Everton’s history. If you want Martinez to leave the club then you have a chance to enable our club to have a better future, it’s not a chance that I want to turn down. If you don’t want Martinez to leave or don’t want to join in then you don’t have to, it’s as simple as that.

However it seems the vast majority of Evertonians want change so it will be interesting to see how loud the chants are. Goodison as it’s best can be a very hostile place, and on Saturday Martinez will see that hostility directed towards him. I am typing these words hopefully as a waste of time, as I hope that by the time I come to post this, he’ll be sacked and render the protest redundant. If you’re still reading these words, we need to protest.

Kenwright should put Martinez out of his misery but it’s looking increasingly likely that he thinks that the current situation is acceptable. We are not privy to the conversations that go on behind closed doors, but at the moment it seems Moshiri is happy to take Kenwrights lead.

Saturday represents a chance to show exactly what this club means to us, and that we should abide by our motto.

No-one wants to protest. It has however now become a necessary evil that can have an effect. The protest can be a huge statement. It shouldn’t have come to this, but it has.

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