We’ve Got A Diamond Called Niasse

We’ve got a diamond called Niasse, or an overpriced, average, soon-to-be flop depending on whose view you hear from someone who’s never seen him play.

You only have to look back to an almost identical situation in the summer when Funes Mori’s transfer was doubted and was dismissed by many as a waste of money before he’d even kicked a ball. That has turned out to be a great bit of business as the young South American centre back has impressed in his first season where so many foreign players struggle.

Martinez for all his faults has brought brilliantly since he has been at the club. Kone’s time at the club may have been different if he didn’t have a year out through injury and McGeady was a low value deal that filled a gap at the time. Overall he’s had a lot more hits than misses. The scouting system has transitioned well with the change of managers and is still bringing quality players too the club.

As fans we have to trust that this will be another good signing until proven otherwise. Not many fans of other clubs would be as protective of their own transfer budget than Evertonians, we know how precious it is.

We needed a back up to Lukaku and it seems Niasse can fill that role in case of an injury but at £13.5m Martinez must see him as much more than a back-up. As we know Martinez prefers his left sided player to be the more central and defensive of the two wide men. Niasse has experience of playing a wider role and by all accounts is a hard worker. If he’s been signed so we no longer have to play Kone, I doubt many Evertonians would argue with that.

Time will tell just how well spent this £13.5m is, but hopefully he feels at home at Everton and can hit the ground running and gets the fans on his side. In 6 months hopefully we can look back on the signing in much the same way as Funes Mori and see it as a great deal for the club.

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