Why The League Cup Matters

There has been a lot of talk recently about why we have gone 20 years without a trophy and who is to blame. But for now, let us look forward and think ‘What can we do to win a trophy?’

For me the first answer to that question is this: Take the League Cup seriously for once.

I get infuriated every year with poor selections and no culpability for the manager when we inevitably have our early round exit.

The League Cup is silverware, it will forever be apart of your history. To call it a second rate competition for me has never made any sense, of course it would come behind the League and FA Cup but that’s not the point. For any Evertonian who says it doesn’t matter just think back to 2012 and Liverpool lifting the cup. I spent that final shut off from the world as I couldn’t bare thinking about them winning a trophy. You can also cast your mind back to our semi-final vs Chelsea and how much it meant to us and how much we wanted that Wembley final.

Not only does it mean something, it is also the most winnable of all the trophies.

Sunderland, Swansea, Bradford, Cardiff, Birmingham and Aston Villa have all reached the final in recent years.

We will make changes on Thursday however and play a mixture of unfit and young players. If we make it through against Barnsley then we are likely to come unstuck further down the line with Martinez’ policy of weakening our League Cup team.

Our last few years have been very weak efforts but if we were to give this competition everything we have then winning it is very achievable to get that much missed silverware. We have no European games this year so a run the competition won’t be too much for our squad and may give us something to smile about for once.

More likely is that we’ll get knocked out again by a Leeds, Brentford or Fulham. . . Or maybe Barnsley and I’ll have my yearly fume then kid myself that it doesn’t matter.

It does matter, and the manager should pick our strongest side. He shouldn’t be given an easy ride if he doesn’t. I don’t want to be hearing those words “The players we had were good enough to win” for another year.

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