5 Talking Points

1) Lack of possession

Martinez may love possession but he’s shown on a few occasions that he is not afraid to give up the ball if the tactics require. On Saturday we had 45% possession and dominated the game. Playing with two strikers vs Southampton meant that possession was never going too high but Everton were a perfect balance of song and long passing with a dangerous counter attacking presence. The statistics in general point towards it being close game, it wasn’t.

2) We’ve got a diamond…

I recently wrote an article about how Barkley was at a pivotal point in his career when he needed to kick on and start showing the potential he did in Martinez’ first season. Like that season he scored a fantastic long range goal on the opening day and repeated the same vs Watford. What Barkley did in this game was what we hope to see on a regular basis. His pass selection was brilliant, he controlled our play and was a constant threat on the ball. He was a secondary assist for the first goal, assisted the second and scored the 3rd. When he plays like that, we will be very hard to stop.

3) Coleman’s back

Getting rid of the ball has always been a negative of Coleman’s game and again it nearly got us in trouble again. After that mistake, he looked like the Coleman of old, especially for the 3rd goal. The most impressive aspect of his game on Saturday however was his defending. Perfect positional play, great reading of the game and some crucial blocks meant what Howard’s goal was rarely threatened. Along with Jagielka, Stones and Galloway, it was a exceptional defensive display.

4) It’s no wonder why we love Stones so much

Ever since the speculation mounted over Stones he has kept his head down, said the right things and made sure it hadn’t affected his performance. Against Southampton he was at his best, and it was a sight to behold. I have never enjoyed watching a player defend until Stones. Any Evertonian could talk all day about the composure and class the man has and it was all on show. Evertonians will never forget Joleon Lescott’s disrespectful performance vs Arsenal before his move, John Stones however is showing that he is equally as classy off the pitch as he is on it.

5) Kone is the new Naismith

Arouna Kone came to the club under a black cloud. Evertonians were unsure on Martinez and were very skeptical about the Wigan players he was bringing to the club. Then he started badly and then he got injured, very badly injured. Players can take a long time to come back from such an injury, Yakubu never did. Arteta was never quite the same. Away from the club, Falcao is yet to find form after his injury. How much time do you give a player however? In two games it seems Martinez’ patience is paying off. Pre-season showed nothing to indicate that he could be showing his Wiagn form in a Royal Blue shirt, but he has left Evertonians happy to be proved wrong if he can continue. Naismith had a poor start at the club after coming off a long injury before winning the love of the fans, it seems Kone may do the same.

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