Deulofeu: A Word Of Caution

A young precocious talent who can go missing in games, is inconsistent and can make poor decisions as shown in the Crystal Palace game in April 2014?

That opening line could equally apply to Ross Barkley or Romelu Lukaku, but I am of course talking about Gerard Deulofeu.

Barkley and Lukaku had poor games in the season gone and received various levels of criticism. The hype around the signing of Lukaku seemed to blur the fact that we were buying a player who very much wasn’t the finished article.

Equally, neither is Deulofeu and he’ll have games where he looks more McGeady than Cristiano Ronaldo but as long as we can stay patient with him when the things he tries fails, we can enjoy it when the magic is flowing through him and it comes off. He has the ability to excite and infuriate in equal measure in some games. It seems that in his time away from the club, the fans have put the negatives out of their memories and have only been left with the dazzling runs, lightning speed, great goals and of course, the celebration we all can’t wait to see again. I’m hugely pleased with this transfer, but it is worth remembering that to enjoy a player like Deulofeu, sometimes means having the virtue of patience. Something I think we as fans struggle with on occasions.

Regardless of that word of caution, it is an absolutely fantastic deal for the club. To have a player of that quality for such a low transfer fee is a wonderful piece of business and will hopefully allow us more room to bring further players to the club. It’s a great deal, not just in regards to the extremely low fee for that level of current ability and potential. We’ve signed a player who already fits in with the club, a club he clearly has an affection for where the fans love him and have a chant ready-made. A signing like this also gives a spotlight to the club with a much hyped player now a part of our squad on a full-time basis.

The buy back clause has been and will be much talked about until such time as it expires. The clause is low but you feel Barcelona will only buy back the player if they feel there would be room for him in the starting line-up, something given their current attacking trio, looks very far away. Deulofeu himself would also have to feel that he is genuinely wanted and after being told to come back to Barcelona only to be loaned elsewhere, he would certainly think twice about such promises second time around. Once bitten, twice shy as they say.

Having said all that, the magic is back. A player who will get you on the edge of your seat when they have the ball at their feet are very few and far between. We now have three of them. The thought of either Deulofeu, Barkley or Lukaku in full flight is enough to whet the appetite of any Evertonian.

Evertonians already have something to look forward to next season. Hopefully Deulofeu can be as fearless on the ball as his was in 2013/14 and equally he can remind Barkley how to be too. He didn’t have a good time at Sevilla in the second half of the season and must equally be looking forward to getting back in front of an adoring crowd and a patient manager. After a poor season the dark clouds and doom and gloom around the club seems to of lifted, hopefully one of many tricks that Deulofeu has up his sleeve.

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