Where Do We Go From Here?

For quite a while it has seemed like the only the only thing holding back a lot of Everton fans baying for Martinez’ blood was our European tour. It was held up as a mitigating factor in our poor season that it could yet yield something special. A first trophy in 20 years, and the much sought after Champions League qualification. Maybe we were going to hear that music played at Goodison?

Kiev 5 – 2 Everton

Dream over, pack your bags. Let’s focus on QPR.

Up until Thursday afternoon there was still the possibility this could be a good season, all told. As of Thursday night it was confirmed as being dismal. Embarrassing. Harrowing. Depressing. And about as far from phenomenal as you could wish to imagine.

What is phenomenal is the amount of excuses that Martinez seems to be able to come up with. Excuses wear thin. Thin like the ice that Martinez is currently walking on.

Relegation is a distant possibility. Regardless of what the pessimists and scaremongers say, you only have to look at the odds to see that we’ve got the situation at arms length. A situation we are lucky to find ourselves in due to how poor other teams have done this campaign. So we’ll end up around where we are now and after a wretched season we’d be able to reflect and plan ahead. How we play between now and the end of the season is crucial for Martinez and the support he’ll receive from us Evertonians. After all this season has been as bad as last season was good. Record points haul, playing beautiful football and qualifying for Europe at a canter. It all seems so distant now.

Evertonians are at the end of our tether and a few more lacklustre home performances could really see the wolves at the door. Do I want Martinez to go? No. Not yet. Not quite. What I want to see is improvement and a comfortable end to the season.

Although I was blasé about the possibility before, if we go on another winless run and the teams below us start picking up points then the panic button would have to be pressed. I just don’t think that will happen.

So where do we go from here? I think we should give the manager until the end of the season and review it from there. Who could replace him now anyway? It would only be a caretaker job from now until the end of the season so it’d be all rather pointless. And if we start to look like the team of last season again, then maybe, hopefully, we can be more optimistic.

Everton ’til I die. Come on you blues. Nil satis nisi optimum and other such phrases.

I just wanna’ enjoy being an Everton fan again.

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