Everton’s Problem Players

A difficult season has left Everton with some difficult decisions and situations in regards to some of our top players. I take a look at who they are and what will happen with them:

Since coming to the club, Darron Gibson quickly rose to acclaim from Everton fans due to his passing ability and eagerness to get the ball forward quickly with his accurate and direct passing. However he has unfortunately found himself in the physio room more than the playing field which is a luxury a club on Everton’s budget can ill afford. Another injury between now and the end of the season would cast serious doubts on his stay at Everton.

Sometimes fan opinion of a player can prove to be wrong or too fickle. However with McGeady the general opinion was that he wasn’t good enough, and he has done little to prove the doubters wrong. Martinez will surely be weighing up his wing options in the summer, and McGeady’s stay may be dependent on the arrival or departure of other players. He would remain a decent squad option, but doubt if he’d be happy with that role.

Another winger who could be on his way out is former fan favourite Kevin Mirallas. His popularity from the fans has drastically declined this season as his heart doesn’t seem to be in it. The Baines penalty incident is still fresh in the minds and cost the club hugely given the game situation and momentum at the time. Ever since Martinez has barely used him. His contract is up in the summer of 2016 and Everton may decide to cash out now while he still has value. Going by current form, he’d be very lucky to get the Champions League football he craves.

Distin has been a brilliant and, I feel, underrated servant to the club but it seem like his time may be up. Signed when we were in desperate need of centre backs after the sale of Lescott, he has had a very good number of years at Everton. If seems though age has finally caught up with the big man.

I said when he signed that I didn’t like the 3 years on Barry’s contact as I thought it was far too long but it may of been the only way that he’d sign given higher offers from elsewhere. His form this season has been very worrying and almost felt at time that he’d lost motivation having to no longer play for a contract. His form has improved recently but the 2 years left on his deal is still a worry.

We are all so desperate for Barkley to do well and for him to see out a fairytale glittering career at Everton. However this season his form has been worrying. Most young players go through dips in form, but not usually for this long. It’s hard to see any club coming in with a big offer at the moment, but if they do surely Martinez would be tempted. Like Moyes was when Rodwell’s stock was down. Rodwell turned out to be a good decision, however I’ve not spoken to one Everton fan who is ready to let go of Ross just yet. Hopefully Martinez feels the same.

I mentioned Barry losing motivation due to a new contract, it seemed Howard lost it after his World cup ‘heroics’. He has never been the best keeper however he has been good enough for a long time and never did his place look under threat. A poor season has changed that with most now preferring Robles in goal. It’s unclear whether Martinez sees it as a problem as Howard’s inclusion in the team may be as it’s the easiest option for Martinez to take. It seems though however, most fans would like to see him replaced.

His wonderful left foot has quickly got him fan acclaim from Evertonians sick of corners hitting the first man. His general play and defending have also been top class which gives optimism for the future. However, the contract situation is very worrying. He is behind in the pecking order of two fan favourites and two very good players in Baines and Oviedo. He may see his future elsewhere and you couldn’t really blame him. Desperate for him to stay and eventually replace Baines, but losing him seems a likely possibility.

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