What We Learnt From Wolfsburg

1) Tim Howard has Never Been Better

Tim Howard is not the best goalkeeper in the world. Never has been, never will be. What he is, is a great one who is seemingly only getting better.

He rarely, if ever, gets tested as much as Thursday night (Wolfsburg had more shots than Chelsea) but he was man of the match and kept the pressure away from the scoreline. He is 35 but we can see a fair few years left in him yet.

2) We Had The Perfect Start

Wolfsburg were the top seeds and this result makes it much easier to qualify and puts us at least two points ahead of the rest of the pack after the draw in the other group match.

A win against Krasnodar will be very difficult, but if we achieve it, then that’s almost game, set and match in regards to qualification as we’d then only require four points from our final four games to attain the usually secure 10 point mark.

3) Coleman Needs To Focus On His Primary Job

No-one can have any arguments at Coleman’s work in the opposition half, but in his own half he still has work to do. It’s only a specific area of his defending that is lacking and that is backing off his winger/left back. It cost us twice vs Arsenal and how it didn’t cost us against Wolfsburg is a minor miracle.

Letting the winger encroach into the area is never a good idea. It gives him time and puts him in a more dangerous position. Better help from his winger is also needed.

4) McCarthy Is Back, And So Is The Partnership

James McCarthy has had an indifferent start to the season which has been a surprise given that he should of been the most well rested and fittest of our players from the summer.

Going forward he still needs to contribute more (Especially in Barkley’s absence) however it’s hard to argue with a 98% pass completion rate as him and Barry kept the midfield ticking over. Barry as well had a good game and this for me is the first time they have both played well this season.

5) Mirallas Is On This Way To Icon Status

Well ok, we pretty much knew this already but Kevin Mirallas has all the ingredients to be an icon. Kissing the badge has become more related to players who do it far too soon as a fake way to win over the fans. With Mirallas, you know he means it.

He works very hard, and he is an extremely good player. Thankfully how good he is somehow has slipped under the radar of the media who would be otherwise linking him to clubs left, right and centre.


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