A Good Night For Everton

Our start to the season is well known, 2 points from 3 games isn’t good enough, the players look unfit and our defenders look out of form and out of confidence.

The international break has seemingly come at a great time for Everton. It allows the team to take a breath and re-group after playing two difficult teams. The break allows Distin to have a mental and physical rest. It’s been a tough 3 games for the giant Frenchman but we have to believe that he can come back stronger and recapture the form of last year.

As for John Stones, he was played out of position, but played well. It has also been a horrid few weeks for Stones as he made two embarrassing errors in pre-season and was at fault for the equalising goal on opening day. This match should give him confidence and a high pressure game under his belt so he can kick start his season at centre back.

Baines also had reason to be happy as he was solid enough and needed to get away from his horrid defensive display vs Chelsea. Still seemingly lacking his club confidence in his international game, he was still able to show he still belongs in the team and contribute in both areas of the field.

Jagielka had only a few minutes but again to play any part in a game that gets away from the 10 goals conceded in 3 games can only be a good thing.

Technically Stones, Baines and Jagielka all had clean sheets tonight.

Away from England and Gibson had 70 minutes which is also very good news for Everton. We need him fully fit sooner rather than later as the schedule gets quite hectic from the West Brom game onwards.

More Everton players are in action on Thursday. It may be good for us at the moment, the first time i’ve ever been happy for the international break…

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