Why I’m Angry About John Stones

I’m an England fan, always have been and always will be. That being said, I can understand the growing apathy for the England Football Team and I feel it too. Tonight is a crucial group game and no-one seems to care, how can you blame them?

John Stones is a central defender, any Everton fan will tell you that. Anyone who has watched a decent amount of his games would be able to tell you that. It would appear that the man who gets paid over £3,500,000 a year to pick the right team and play with the right tactics for England doesn’t watch much of John Stones play.

The game played on the 28th January 2014 is one that is painfully scorched in the minds of any Evertonian when Liverpool won 4-0. Stones was right back that day and was woeful. Due to Seamus Coleman’s injury we was forced to play the position but was unfortunately caught out of position on a number of occasions with a couple leading to goals. That was in the midst of Stones’ great run of form at centre back. Indeed after that match he continued his form in his correct position, the position he should play for England.

I’ve seen Stones play right back on a few occasions now and he is a good right back, being that good a defender means he obviously has the capabilities to defend well there. He also has the mobility, speed and ball carrying abilities that a full back needs. It’s his positional awareness that is missing, a positional awareness that probably comes with playing time and time again in the position at the highest level.

1) He is a 20 year old who is currently not being picked for his club.

2) He is a centre back.

3) When he played right back his year he was directly at fault for Leicesters equalizing goal.

Those are three points I think very few Evertonians would argue with. Yet the England manager think it right to start him for England at right back. It is baffling, it really is.

Just for the record, I am a huge fan of John Stones. Without going over the top I honestly believe he will become a world class centre back. England’s future seems to lie with him and Callum Chambers at the heart of Englands defence.

Stones at right back seems like a bit of a lose-lose situation. If he plays well then it’s likely that he’ll get played there in the future. Young players need to learn there position and I think a lot of development is hindered in young players due to playing numerous positions and not being allowed to develop in their natural one. I think this way about Phil Jones, if he played his whole career at centre back he’d be a lot better for it now.

If Stones plays badly when he will be judged by the national press for it. People who don’t watch Everton will say that he is over-rated and this may affect his confidence. Then he may be dropped from the England team through not fault of his own.

England have a host of good young full backs including the likes of Nathaniel Clyne, who is a natural in the position.

But what do I know? I’m not the one who failed to win any World Cup group games, and gets paid £400 per hour for the privilege. . .

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